Monday, August 08, 2005

Day 21

Week of: August 8, 2005
Total # of hours worked for this week:
Total # to date of internship:

Today I started out looking for websites to support the school curriculum. I had to evaluate them based on subject matter, grade level, and content. Anything I found appropriate I put in Jots and Scuttle.

Next I went up to the high school to pick up Qwizdom. Qwizdom is a Remote system that teachers can use to play review games with students. Rosemary and I went through the directions and set it up. While she went to a meeting I began experimenting with the games and later I showed her how to play them. We encountered some problems which will need troubleshooting.

Rosemary asked me if I could create a 45 minute training for it. I questioned whether that would be enough time. She then suggested two 45 minute sessions. I think that is a better plan. There are games built in, so I suggested for the first training show the teachers how to play the games and get them hooked. Then they will be willing to come back to learn how to make their own games.

Tomorrow we are supposed to meet about the software database and how to request software (it was postponed from today.) I will also begin looking at the games and start storyboarding the steps to play.

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