Monday, July 30, 2007

Still Waiting

Jobs post publicly on Monday at the school and the job didn't post today. Now I have to wait another week to see if it posts. It is so hard to make any plans when everything is on hold. It is a 12 month position so I don't know when the start date would be. I asked someone today how much notice I would have to give at my current job if the school year started before I was able to interview and change jobs.

Since I could very well still be here this year, on Wednesday I take the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment test. Pennsylvania has established minimum standards for their interpreters and while my job is not interpreter I sub for them sometimes so I need to meet the standards. When I took the test before I scored a little below the minimum so hopefully I will have improved enough that I meet the standards.

I got an inkling today of what I will be doing this year if I stay where I am. Some subbing and some technolgy things. In the past we have been supporting the sound fields in the schools and the teacher primarily responsible for them has retired so I will possibly be doing that some too. I may also be involved in working with our C-Print captionists (like closed captioning TV but on a laptop for a hearing impaired student to supplement what they are able to get from the teacher so they don't miss anything.)

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Stakes Have Been Raised

I got an email today telling me that there is a new job opening in Educational Technology at a school for the Deaf. This specific job is the job I have dreamed of getting but didn't ever expect there to be a job opening for it. I have no idea how soon this will post publicly or how in the world I would up and move/sell the house/make arrangements for my son but I can't not apply for this one. I can't wait to hear more information about this.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lost Jewels sample and a question for input

I decided on a name for the game with the prince and princess-The Lost Jewels. I have also decided it will be a color game. It has three components:
1. a video telling the color of a jewel in sign language, fingerspelling and print.
2. a video asking the child to find the right color jewel from three choices.
3. a video asking the child to find the right color word from three choices.

4. I just thought of another way to do this and that is to match the color word to the right color jewel.

I roughed out #1-3 today and made a video of myself doing the signing (not a very good one either and I forgot how to add the replay button) because I wanted to see how it worked out. I still need a Deaf person to sign it in ASL. It would be really cool is they would dress up as a princess but I don't expect that will happen. I'll be thankful if I can get someone to sign for me.

There are 8 color words and 6 missing jewels. For each right answer the child gets a small jewel and when they collect a certain number (undecided right now how many) they get the big jewel and it goes into the crown until all the jewels have been found.

It's been two years since I made the ABC game and I am having to remember how to do some of the things. Hopefully it will all come back pretty easy.

Here is a link to check out how #1-3 above work.

Now the question:
I'm wondering if I should go through each color completely parts 1-4 or if I should first teach all of the colors, then do all of the color jewels, then find all of the color words, and then match all of the colors with the printed word.

The advantage of grouping all of one color together would be that it would be easier for a teacher to use it to teach the color/sign/written word.

So what do you think? any other input will also be accepted.

Monday, July 16, 2007

More Game Ideas

I still don't know if I can use the graphics I asked the artist about-I had told her there was no hurry because I had to study for a test. Haven't been studying much though now that I feel like making a new game.

I found another set of graphics at Delightful Doodles and have obtained permission to use them to make a game. I'm not sure about what this game will be about since I don't know if I can use the other graphics to make a counting game or not. I have been thinking about how the game will work and have started putting together some ideas for different parts.

Here's a screenshot of one of the frames.

I made the room and the pedestal. The prince, princess, crown and window frame are from Delightful Doodles. The scenery outside the window is by Gina Jane Johnson, CEO and Founder of The D.A.I.S.I.E. Company.

My last problem for either game is that I do not have a Deaf person to sign for me in the videos-which is the way it should be done. It's their language not mine. I also am thinking of offering these up for sale for a minimal price since they do need high-speed internet to be able to view the videos.

Next summer is the final International Symposium on Instructional Technology and Education for the Deaf at National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York. If I can get a couple more games created I would like to present them in a poster session. That would be the ideal way to get the word out that there are these games available for the kids.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A New Game???

I had an absolutely awesome idea for a new game after seeing graphics by one artist. I emailed her and she is thinking over whether or not I could use them for the game. In the meantime, I can't make my brain stop thinking and planning the game. I sure hope she agrees to my use of the graphics. They would make such an awesome math counting game.

This is Getting Ridiculous

Rosemary (my supervisor during my instructional technology internship) told me today that there is a job opening at MSSD (Model Secondary School for the Deaf.) They need a combination Computer Applications teacher and Yearbook person. Not quite what I would like but definitely where I would like.

It's the same problem as Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. It's not in Pennsylvania so Jonathan would have to go on a waiting list for services. Why are there no jobs here in Pennsylvania?

Maybe I'm supposed to just go on faith that all will work out. Wish I knew what was happening with the Mentoring grant-I would feel better not looking at the job. Of course if I just look around the house and think one month to find a place to live and move......

I really want to make changes in my job and shift more into the technology end of things. It would be so much simpler if it could happen in Pennsylvania.