Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day 19

Thursday, August 4

We moved the shelves down from the high school and then put the rest of the software on them. Rosemary finished entering everything into the database and put the software into binders if it had no packaging, while I made labels for them.

I went with Julie to help with troubleshooting. She showed a staff member how to pull a graphic from a Pagemaker file, save it as a gif and then edit it (crop, etc.) We also checked out a MAC that was freezing when scanning a graphic. The person was using Photoshop Elements 2. Since she had Photoshop CS installed on the computer Julie tried to scan from that and it worked fine, so she sent her an email telling her to change programs.

Later I worked on a handout for the staff member working on the graphics to remind her how to do it. I had to think out all the steps involved and make screenshots to go with it.

Tomorrow morning Rosemary wants to discuss the next two weeks and plan what handouts need to be prepared and anything else needing to be done for the beginning of school. Among other things she would like to have a web page with online curriculum resources for the staff.

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