Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 20

Friday, August 5

First thing Rosemary and I did was go over a list she had compiled of what she hopes we will finish during my last two weeks. Then, I printed out the labels, put them on the software binders and put the binders away.

After that Bill installed Photo Editor on my computer so I would be able to make screenshots of the steps for the GIF handout I was making for Julie. I had to go through the process and create a storyboard to make sure that I was not missing any steps. Rosemary looked it over when I was finished and made a few suggestions that I went back and changed. I finished it and will send it to Julie on Monday.

While I was finishing up the handout, Rosemary compiled a list of the subjects each team will be studying this year. She wants to create a list of web sites that correlate with the subject matter that the teachers can use. I started going through all the web sites I already have in my bookmarks to see which ones would be useful for their curriculum. We initially talked about using furl to list them. Then Rosemary suggested Jots because it lists your subjects on the side. I also told her about Scuttle which is directed towards education. I checked them all out and signed up for each one to see which is the best.

Jots is nice because you can set up a group of people to access your bookmarks and it has the listings of your topics down the side. Scuttle has educational topic and grade tags built in so you don't have to create as many topics as the other two. Furl is probably the best known but it does not have index tabs on the side. All three have buttons you can add to your browser toolbar so you can easily list a site on them although Jots does not seem to work right in the Avant browser.

One of the things on the to do list is to check out Qwizdom and write a training handout for it. That should be fun. Monday we also have a meeting with the database man about the software library and updating helpdesk. There is also an online training for Smart Notebook 9 which Rosemary wants me to do so we can write a training handout for the staff.

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