Monday, August 01, 2005

Day 16

Monday, August 1

Rosemary was out today. She suggested checking in with Bill or Julie to see if I could spend the day with them. Julie was out also and Bill had just come back from vacation and never reached the point in catching up that he could show me what he does.

I worked on the ABC game. I went through the whole game checking for links, and things that needed to be tweaked. I decided to add another card at the end that will give the children the option to stop or pay again. I made the little guy that signs, sign "stop" and "more" for that page.

I still need three pictures-ugli fruit, dig and quince. I went online to Flickr to check about their copyright standards because when I was looking for ugli fruit before I found one there that had downloads. The same person also has quince. I think looking at the limited copyright that I can use them in the game. I will get Rosemary to read over it tomorrow and see if she agrees.

I started looking at Flash in terms of the game. Most of it I think I can do myself but I do have some questions. I also started looking at Dreamweaver in terms of making more of an exploratory game-click on a letter and see what fruit/vegetable you get.

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to photograph the teacher I had previously videotaped, signing the alphabet. I then spent the rest of the time using Photoshop. In class we had used the wand to remove items from one picture and put them into another. I used the same principles to isolate the hand from the background and paste it into a new picture with a transparent background.

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