Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 5

We started the day meeting with the teacher doing the blog, setting up a schedule for the day. Each day we are finding it necessary to confirm the plans to make sure we are not miscommunicating . First we videotaped the students talking about their favorite ride to post in the blog. We only did one take on these because we were going for natural sign communication. We then helped them print out pictures of their favorite ride to put in their journal to write about. Next, we took one of the students to do a math story about the car wash fundraiser. Because he has done them before, his will be used as a model for the other students. One of the goals for these stories is to present them in grammatically correct American Sign Language(ASL.) After the first take, Rosemary showed the student the tape. Rather than criticize the grammatical structure of his production, Rosemary led him to find the mistakes for himself. This kept him from becoming defensive and he was willing to keep trying until both of them were satisfied.

During the school year when the students did the math stories, they translated the ASL into written English as part of a bilingual education program that is connected to the Star Schools Program. Since there is not time for the students to caption the movies themselves, I will be doing that. After we finished videotaping we stopped by Team 6-7-8 to talk to them about doing favorite ride videos. We setup a time to videotape one of the teachers as a role model on Monday. Tuesday we will tape any students who are interested in participating. At that point we will need to concentrate on making the movie to show at the end of the week.

Next, I learned how to hook up the large ELMO. We only hooked it up to a projector although it can be hooked up to the computer and possibility the Smartboard which would let teachers capture the images. The afternoon was spent editing videos from the morning and posting them. When the previous videos were originally posted the streaming server was down. Since it was up and running today I converted the other movies to 340 to be posted.

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