Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 12

Rosemary had a meeting with a gentleman today. She asked if it was all right for me to sit in and he agreed. He wanted to talk about the video websites. The issue truly was not about the sites themselves, but the video content. After a lot of discussion, a new vlog may be developed in the fall. The students would post a video (like a written rough draft) and then a group of ASL skilled people would be able to view it and then post comments via video to the students as to how they could improve their production. After that input, the students would make a new video (the final copy.) Rosemary suggested getting other Deaf people (beyond the immediate school environment) involved in commenting.

After the meeting, I worked on the PowerPoint game for the rest of the day. I made many of the required changes. I also went online searching for copyright free pictures for the final version since we can't post copyrighted work on the web. I find even at work I frequently refer to the copyright information we studied in class.

Tomorrow we will videotape for the game and afterward I will go up to the high school to help with the inventory. They have restructured the program from teams to academic departments so all of the equipment has to be reassigned.

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