Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day 3

First thing I did today was videotape the teacher to put it in the blog. I then setup the Smartboard while Rosemary clipped the video and entered it in the blog. We then videotaped the student from yesterday. In the end we decided to use the first video we took and not today's video. I edited the student videos and we will post them tomorrow. One of the things I kept forgetting about while I was doing it was that I needed to mute the sound so there was only sign language and no background noise. Twice I had to go back and resave the movies.

I got to thinking that the video we shot of the students included predictions of how much money they thought they would make at the fundraisers today. Maybe we should include the predictions and video telling the actual in the blog for today. I will have to talk to Rosemary and the teacher about that tomorrow.

Rosemary suggested I change some of the colors in the Inspiration web that I converted because they tend to become dull when converted to HTML. Of the three versions I made, she decided to use the one with graphics. The teacher wanted video of their fundraising activities so I spent most of the day doing that. We decided that since we were doing so much videotaping and photographing it would be nice to make a short video to show on the last day of school. This is my project. I will have to get all of the photos they have taken to use in the video.

Rosemary had given me a list of free publications that she said were good resources. Some I had heard of, but was unaware that they were free. Tonight I looked at and subscribed to:
eSchool news
The Journal
Technology and Learning
I also finally joined ISTE.
I began looking online at the Deaf Schools in my area to see if they are hiring any IT's, but they aren't. I think I might consider looking for a teaching job in one though. Doing the kind of work I am doing now does not allow me to use technology with the students.

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