Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 1

Week of 7/11/05
Total # of hours worked for this week= 40
Total # to date for internship= 40

Monday July 11, 2005

Today was the first day. We started with a tour of the campus. There is an elementary building (where Rosemary is based and a high school building that has another IT based there.) Although the schools are both located on Gallaudet University's campus they are a separate entity. The school is currently running ESY (Extended School Year.) It is only three weeks long. but it will allow me to be involved with the staff and students. I met many of the school and tech staff. Many are deaf, so I am confronted with using my sign language skills on a regular basis.

During the morning we were asked about printer problems, borrowing an ELMO, porn on a computer, and setting up the lab for a night class. We went to check on the computer about the porn, but we didn't find anything. We did however find that there were a lot of unwanted programs (like Wild Tangent) on all the computers in the room so we deleted them. Rosemary attempted to fix the printer by clearing the queue and rebooting the computers. This didn't work so she entered it into their helpdesk. Later the tech guy was able to fix the problem by rebooting the printer. We had not thought to do that because the printer said Ready. There were two print jobs in the printer's memory and it worked after they printed. Rosemary showed the teacher requesting the Elmo and myself how to enter the request into the system and she showed another teacher how to set up the smartboard in the lab. We also discussed some of the projects that I may be involved with and looked at their online databases.

Tomorrow we will meet with the high school's IT and discuss the projects more. We will also work with Team 4/5 on setting up Blogs. This is the first time this age group has done them so they are not sure how well they will work. As a bonus I got my car washed by the students who were doing a fundraiser and also bought an ice cream sundae from them.

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