Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 2

This morning we met with one of the teachers about doing the A Day at the Amusement Park blog. The teacher wanted to have the children do their first post in ASL using a video. After setting up the Smartboard, I videotaped the teacher and Rosemary edited the tape and put it in the blog. We then went back to watch the teacher show the students the blog. It quickly became evident that this was going to be a more time consuming project than anticipated and had to reschedule a meeting scheduled for this morning. Once the students practiced we took the first two to be taped. I learned that when you work with students, don't expect anything to go as planned. Because these students have been videotaped before, they wanted to help. We showed them how to frame the shot, cue their classmate and start and stop the camcorder. All of the students previewed their work and decided, after discussion, that they wanted to do a second take. We ran out of time and will need to do retakes of the last two tomorrow.

After lunch we met with the teacher again to help her focus in more on what she plans to do and how. She has many ideas, but not enough time for all of them. Rosemary suggested setting up the blog to talk about what happened each day of ESY. This would be both a reminder to the students and a way to let the parents know what happened. Rosemary set the blog up and showed the teacher how to change the date so she could write about the previous days. It was also decided that from here on out the students will be videotaped (one a day). They will tell something about summer school each day. The teacher will make the first tape and post it tomorrow.
I converted a hand drawn idea web to an Inspiration document to post in the blog. Tomorrow we need to meet with the other teams to see if they want us to help them do anything.

After that we met with the high school IT. We discussed how to inventory their software and organize equipment. We also need to decide on a way for teachers to request both - probably through their helpdesk. I will have to brush up on my database skills to do this. It was decided to wait until after ESY is over before starting these projects.

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