Monday, July 14, 2008

I survived the interview

I survived the interview today. It was conducted in American sign language because the two teachers that were also there were deaf. There were only a few places where I was not quite sure what was being asked.

The bad news is that if I were offered it, it would be almost a $10,000 pay cut. I don't see how I could manage that despite the fact that I would really like the job.

I would not have to pay for health insurance, they pay full tuition for 4 grad classes a year that are related to the job, there is no set number of sick days as long as you don't abuse that all will be fine. They will also attempt to pay all expenses if you are presenting at a conference/workshop.

On the negative side the admin is very protective of their servers and do not like a lot of uploading and downloading to occur and storage space on the server is at a premium too. They are actually running 10 servers but I don't know how much disk space they actually have.

Thursday I have an interview with my current supervisor. We have a classroom teacher position opening which I have applied for.

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