Friday, August 17, 2007

Missing Jewels Storyline

The game is pretty well finished except for the video. I have someone who is going to do the signing for me and I hope it works out okay. Unfortunately, I can't get it done until after Labor Day.

While I was waiting I thought it would be cute to put a storybook online that went along with the game. So since I'm not the most creative person I thought that I would start one of those stories, on a message board I belong to, where everyone adds to it.

So yesterday I started the story and my dear friend Dixie added to it and got a little carried away and hijacked(her word)it. She began writing the most wonderful story-no one even wants to touch it-we just keep posting what happens next questions. This story has gone way beyond what I can put online in a storybook. I will probably summarize it for the game when it is finished. Unless we all miss our guess, Dixie's story will be published.

Another dear friend has been considering whether or not to let me use her graphics for my next game. She asks questions and I answer them and she asks more. Yesterday I got to thinking about how secure a flash (swf) game really is. I know there has been software created that allows people to download them even though they are set to not download but I began to wonder if the graphics were accessible. From what I have begun to read they may very well be. I just started looking at this question last night and haven't found any software that makes them accessible yet. So far I haven't found anything that can access the graphics but I have just begun looking. Since I am using CS3 the software may be lagging behind still but I have to think about the future. My friend's graphics are wonderful and I would not want her income to be hurt because I used them in the game. Soooo more research is needed.

I also heard about the job I desperately wanted. They have decided on a hiring freeze so will be filling the position with someone who already works for them. Oh well, my friend said they may post it next year but I doubt it. I can't imagine the person they hire not wanting to continue doing it and after a year they will know what they are doing.

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