Saturday, August 18, 2007

Missing Jewels Problems

I got the great idea to include a drag and drop page for each of the color words so the children could practice spelling the words. I started another file and got the eight colors set up then copy and pasted into the game. What I didn't do was put the letters on them.

I went through all eight words. Put letters on the tile when I did a test movie the box moved but the letter stayed. Next I tried to double click on the box and put the letter in there. That didn't work-all of the first ones changed on all eight pages. I suspect that I have to add a lot more of the dragging tiles-can't reuse them it appears.

I also got a picture of a little fairy-colored her grey because of the story and put her in in place of the arrows. She is pointing. I will probably have the person signing for the game to tell them that the fairies are helping them and click on them.

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