Monday, July 30, 2007

Still Waiting

Jobs post publicly on Monday at the school and the job didn't post today. Now I have to wait another week to see if it posts. It is so hard to make any plans when everything is on hold. It is a 12 month position so I don't know when the start date would be. I asked someone today how much notice I would have to give at my current job if the school year started before I was able to interview and change jobs.

Since I could very well still be here this year, on Wednesday I take the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment test. Pennsylvania has established minimum standards for their interpreters and while my job is not interpreter I sub for them sometimes so I need to meet the standards. When I took the test before I scored a little below the minimum so hopefully I will have improved enough that I meet the standards.

I got an inkling today of what I will be doing this year if I stay where I am. Some subbing and some technolgy things. In the past we have been supporting the sound fields in the schools and the teacher primarily responsible for them has retired so I will possibly be doing that some too. I may also be involved in working with our C-Print captionists (like closed captioning TV but on a laptop for a hearing impaired student to supplement what they are able to get from the teacher so they don't miss anything.)

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