Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lost Jewels sample and a question for input

I decided on a name for the game with the prince and princess-The Lost Jewels. I have also decided it will be a color game. It has three components:
1. a video telling the color of a jewel in sign language, fingerspelling and print.
2. a video asking the child to find the right color jewel from three choices.
3. a video asking the child to find the right color word from three choices.

4. I just thought of another way to do this and that is to match the color word to the right color jewel.

I roughed out #1-3 today and made a video of myself doing the signing (not a very good one either and I forgot how to add the replay button) because I wanted to see how it worked out. I still need a Deaf person to sign it in ASL. It would be really cool is they would dress up as a princess but I don't expect that will happen. I'll be thankful if I can get someone to sign for me.

There are 8 color words and 6 missing jewels. For each right answer the child gets a small jewel and when they collect a certain number (undecided right now how many) they get the big jewel and it goes into the crown until all the jewels have been found.

It's been two years since I made the ABC game and I am having to remember how to do some of the things. Hopefully it will all come back pretty easy.

Here is a link to check out how #1-3 above work.

Now the question:
I'm wondering if I should go through each color completely parts 1-4 or if I should first teach all of the colors, then do all of the color jewels, then find all of the color words, and then match all of the colors with the printed word.

The advantage of grouping all of one color together would be that it would be easier for a teacher to use it to teach the color/sign/written word.

So what do you think? any other input will also be accepted.

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