Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's Done and I Did It

I finished The Missing Jewels game. I may go back and redo some of the video but it's ready for my poster session this month. It's at:

The Missing Jewels story is online without video. I'll make a couple pages of video before the conference to show what it will be like but I won't get it finished before the conference. The story is at:

I need to pull all the sections of the website together under the front page so that they can be found. I also need to do something for the games and storybook intro pages-right now they are just white. I'm thinking about maybe making an ILY hand background paper. And I may put some sign language animations from Vcom 3D. I love their program and it has dropped down to less than $500 but I don't like their characters. I love the Daz characters but it takes forever to pose them.

Ok that's the "It's Done" part, now for the "I Did It" part. I sent my resume into the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. Don't know if anything will come of it. And of course the biggest issue is pay and benefits. Because it's in Philadelphia I would have to pay the city wage tax. The driving time would be a little longer than I travel now according to Mapquest and depending on which route I take could have toll charges (the shortest time route.) I know they don't pay as much as other places so even if I were offered the job I may not be able to afford it. I also have no experience as an Instructional Technology Specialist. And of course it would mean leaving a nice secure job and I do love the first part of my day. I just don't like being an itinerant teacher.

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