Thursday, May 15, 2008

And even more-the job hunt

I receive several newsletters related to the Deaf. Included in them are various job postings sometimes. Well this week I got one newsletter and in it was listed a job as an Instructional Technology Facilitator at the school for the Deaf closest to me in this state (New Jersey is actually closer) Next newsletter which is only jobs and resumes also has it listed. And finally it was listed on the school website.

I was not sure exactly what that position entailed so I emailed for more information. It is for what I want to do. I would be able to stay in Pennsylvania which would prevent any problems with my son and his needs.

On the negative side the school is in Philadelphia so that woud mean a wage tax of about 3.8%. Gas is skyrocketing and it would be an hour or more drive (I drive 45 minutes now.) So basically I'm not sure that I would make enough pay to cover my bills. Unlike the Clerc Center it is only a 10 month position. I also really enjoy working with the Deaf student I work with. She is doing so good and I don't want to leave her. But at the same time I want a job in the technology field. Needless to say I am confused, nervous and fearful. I hate that.

Soooo, I'm filling out an application and sending it in. Don't know what will happen if anything, I'll just have to wait and see. And if I'm offered the job than I will make a decision about it all.

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