Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Lot's Been Happening

The game story is finally finished and I've been very busy creating the 3D graphics. It's not done yet-still need to add sign language to it but here's a link.

I'm having problems with the pages that have scrolling on them. I could only get a scroll bar to work in input text mode which isn't the greatest solution since it is possible to type into the story. It still needs a preloader. I also wish that I knew a way to preload the videos so it won't take so long for each page to load since they will all have video. The story is 42 pages long so if I preload the whole story as one it will take forever-especially on dialup.

I now have to go back and rework the game-change the graphics to match the story and of course add in the sign language videos.

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