Monday, October 17, 2005

It's Done! I Think?

I think the ABC Fruit and Vegetable game is finished. I hope:) I decided to put the menu button only on the last frame of each letter grouping. I figure that if you go to the letter you will want to go through all of the frames before going to another letter.

I'm still not happy about the play video again button but it won't work any other way.

I have also added goals and ideas of how to use the game including using it with an interactive whiteboard. (SmartBoard)

Thanks for all of the help and input Rosemary!

Now I have to get the website up and running properly. I just bought ASL Animations 1 and 2 to use for the website and additional games. I want to make an auditory version of the game for the kids in our program-have to learn how to do sound in flash now. Then I want to make a numbers game. Still thinking about how it will work.

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