Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ABC Game Weird Problems

I started putting the "Play Video Again" button on the individual videos. Some of the works fine and I can do it so that the word appears on the screen for a short bit before the button appears. Others the only way I can put a button on is to put it on at the same time the word appears otherwise when it stops it stops with the word and a frame showing Ruth. I hate doing that because I feel like it distracts from the word. I would prefer to see the word alone first and then with the button but I can't get it to do that. The weird thing is that all of the videos were made the same so I'm not sure why they don't act the same.

I put forward buttons on all of the slides except for the matching frames. It took a little creativity to get them to work right. If I put them on as buttons where I pulled in videos they did nothing, so I changed them to graphics and it works off of the original whole frame button.

The directions page still needs so work organizing it and deciding what I want to say.

Changed the button that said Home to say Menu but haven't decided which pages I want to put it on. Any ideas?

This is what is done so far. I'm up to fruit making the video changes.

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