Sunday, June 25, 2006

ABC Game Auditory Finished

Long time no post.

I finally had time to work on the auditory version of the ABC game. I only have one version so far using a female voice. I had trouble remembering what I was doing with flash it had been so long. I had to search through the old games to figure out how to unload a movie.

I want to put the ABC song in the preloader but so far I haven't found a royalty free version. I'm not even sure that the song would be available royalty free. From what wikipedia says I think it may be copyright free-it was copyrighted in the late 1800s which seems to put it in public domain.

Anyway here is my latest game.

If you find anything wrong drop me a note here. I'm going to try it out a few times from different locations before I list in on the website.

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