Tuesday, September 13, 2005

ABC Game Feedback and Other Development Thoughts Part 1

Read this after trying the game first. Go to the game.

1. The words yes and no are difficult to see at the end of the game. I need to check and see if it is a different shade of blue than in the game part because the blue in the other part is clear. or maybe it is the size? Whatever, I can change it to a lighter shade to make it more visible.

2. No button to play a video again.
I can add a button to the video and if I move the button layer to just above the video layer in the flash file I think it will work. I won't know for sure until I try it on more than one section and go through the whole game and check things out.

Click here to provide feedback for the best button choice. (I'm no longer taking button feedback here.)

My other thoughts:
Do I want to keep it so that the children can touch anywhere on the screen to go to the next frame or do I want to change it to go buttons?

What about the directions? Is it better to put them on the webpage? where they are now? or maybe a button you can hit for the directions?
A lot of games use the last one. I think I am leaning towards one of the latter two ideas. The children that would be playing can't read the directions-maybe I should have videotaped the directions in sign language for them. I'm also wondering about including teacher information-lesson plan or correlation to standards information. I'd have to use national standards since this would not be linked to a specific state. And of course the question is where should I provide it?

What about a menu page? This would be useful to teachers when they are teaching a specific letter. If I put a menu page in where would I put it? How would the teacher get to it?

Do I want to keep the ABC preloading screen or do I want to change it to numbers. The only problem is that I can't count to ten in that font because it only goes up to 9 on a computer keyboard. If I change it to graphics then the preloader would need a preloader:)

What else do I need to consider?


Rosemary Stifter said...

Great job, Cheryl! wow, you have done a lot of work.

Here are my thoughts:
Can you have a text box appear after the video plays that says "Play video again"? I like the play buttons but it also looks like a forward button.

I like that students can click anywhere to go forward butif you are worried they will click next before watching the video then a Next or Go button is a good idea.

In the directions: add "ASL/English" before "Bilingual education."

A help button for the directions is a good idea. I don't think you need a video of directions since I doubt young children would pay attention to it.

I would also like to have a home button on each screen where I can go back to the menu and select any letter. Some may not get through the whole alphabet and want to go back to where they left off. And here they can access the directions here.

Lesson plans and correlation to standards is a great addition to the game. Lots of work but very nice to have.

I like the ABC preloading page. I don't understand why you would use numbers. That can be for the next game you create. :)

The bug signing "right" is a white background and the "wrong" is black. I know it was not intentional but it may be looked upon unfavorably.

Rosemary Stifter said...

Forgot to add...this is really fantastic. I can't wait to show our ECE teachers.